understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There are forces playing upon mankind’s mental and feeling worlds in the next few months that, I tell you, are diabolical in the extreme; and unless you are filled with and armored by Our Eternal, Invincible Cosmic Christ Love, and that Victorious Purity which “I AM” to the Earth now, you won’t have the Strength to stand against that condition of the outer world which is rampant everywhere. If you take your Stand and turn your backs upon everything except Our Victory, you will find Our Strength in you to make you Victorious!

If you are determined your “Mighty I AM Presence” shall have all, and It shall come into yourselves and reveal the Beauty and Perfection of Its Glory, and be Its Joyous, Victorious Accomplishment in everything in this World – if you want to be or release Its Mastery over things in this World, then My Dear Ones, We are there to assist you! We are there to protect you! We are there to supply you with every good thing.

We are there to lift you above every turmoil; but I plead with you, do not use the tools of the sinister force and then expect the Protection of the Ascended Masters, because you will not have It. I’m not going to leave you in any misunderstanding about these things that come under the Great Law and control of the energy of the Universe.

If you use the slightest element of deceit, you have placed yourself under the law of the sinister force. There is no such thing as “a little white lie.” There never was, there never will be! Anything that isn’t Truth is untruth, and every untruth contains within itself penalty.

The Messenger told you the other night: you get the reputation for standing unflinching on what you know to be right, and do not yield an inch; and you will go forward from one mighty Victory to another, and the sinister force will fear you and, ultimately, dare not approach.

All you have to take is your unshakeable Stand with the Perfection of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and know that It is the Authority to command and to compel everything that is of human feeling, human discord, human plans, human ideas to be forced into the Violet Consuming Flame by your Command; and it shall be so.

You are not at the mercy of these forces of the outer world, My Dear Ones! You have Legions of Ascended Master Friends who guard you like diamonds, because every one of you is an Open Door through which Our Light and Purity and Cosmic Christ Love can flood into the atmosphere of Earth, wherever you abide; and you might just as well get the reputation now for being inflexibly and immovably firm in your decision.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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