understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, because of the hypnotic suggestions of the outer world, and it is a trick of the sinister force as old as the sinister force itself – is to get the individual to dash into something without sufficient preparation, and thereby either produce failure or unnecessary struggle, or warp the ideas so that Perfection cannot come through.

You are the builders of the future! You can build the Mightiest Perfection that has ever come to this Earth, if you want to.

This group of “I AM” Students alone, you of the Youth, the “I AM” Ascended Master of Youth of the World, if there were no more of you to go forward in this Service to America than is right here in this room, if you understand Me today, and will take your Stand before you start anything, that you demand the Mightiest Cosmic Christ Love of all Eternity come through your “Presence” and into the outer self, and enter here, and you demand Its Victory in you; and then you demand that We clothe you in that Great Cosmic Sacred Fire of Our Eternal, Invincible Purity and Powers from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, that enables you to go forth and do these things with the great Joy and Love that Life intends – you will never know struggle, you will never know lack, you will never know limitation or interference or delay!

I think it is well worth everything that it takes in your individual effort to clear your pathway ahead, so that when you start to accomplish something, you have one Victory after another. You go forth to Attainment to bring forth This! You bless It. You protect It.

Command It to expand, and you then take the next greater responsibility, and fulfill the Divine Plan concerning It. That way you go on from one Magnificent Accomplishment to another, in the Greatest Joy mankind has ever known.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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