understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you want Protection in the future, if you want to be assured of your victorious accomplishment, no matter what you want to do so long as it be constructive, then you must have Our Invincible, Eternal Purity, and Our Protection about you, both while you are doing it, and about the ways and means that you are going to use; and if you don’t have that Protection, well then, some destructive force move in just about the time you think you are going to reach for your Victory; some destructive force moves in and takes it out of your hands. Then you feel very resentful because you didn’t attain the success you desired.

Now you are the builders of the future! You have to carry the responsibilities of the conditions of this Nation in the future, and almost in the present, in the not-far-distant- future.

But unless you are armored, My Dear Ones, in Our Eternal, Invincible Purity, unless you call forth the Cosmic Christ Love through your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and unless you demand Invincible Protection around yourselves and around that which you are going to accomplish, you will find yourselves interrupted intermittently, or interfered with from time to time, in everything you undertake, until you gain the Strength and the Power to move into outer action, that Force of the Sacred Fire that mows down everything that dares to oppose God, and God’s Perfection of that “Mighty I AM Presence”.

You might just as well make up your minds now to move into action with your concentrated attention upon this “Presence”, demand these Powers of Invincible Victory into yourselves, because Victory is not attained just by your Decrees and making your Calls. Victory is attained by the Obedience of the outer self unto the Great Currents of Energy released by the “Presence” and Ourselves, which have to flow through you to do the things that fulfill the Divine Plan.

So, you must take yourselves in hand first, and demand the Invincible Purity that is Eternal Strength, because without Purity you don’t have the Eternal Strength; and if, sometimes, you feel rather weary and weighted down, you are weighted down by the impurity of the outer world. And therefore, if you arise in the Strength and Courage and Power of your own Heart’s Flame of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and demand the Cosmic Christ Love from the Great Central Sun come through your “Presence” into you, come into your affairs and stand your guard, and then you call to Us for whatever Powers it is Our Privilege to direct into your use, you will strengthen yourselves before you use the Power.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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