understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The great Law of Purity is the Law of Perfection, and since all Powers of the Universe are held within that great Treasure-house of Life’s Mighty Cosmic Christ Love, then if you simply demand that the outer self become a Blazing Sun of Its Presence, and the Violet Consuming Flame consumes all else, then as you demand your Invincible Protection, you are armored with a Strength of the Light and Our Purity that makes it safe for you to use these greater Powers of Life, and thus, you make yourselves worthy of Their use in the physical world; and someone must draw Them into outer use, My Dear Ones, if there is to be any improvement among mankind.

You might think mankind are progressing by this, that, or the other outer world accomplishment; but I tell you, until the people return to Purity, there is no permanent improvement!

They might want Purity, and they might rebel furiously against the penalty that they are constantly paying for impurity; but unless they will turn in humble, grateful obedience to that “Mighty I AM Presence”, and clothe themselves in Its Eternal, Invincible Love of Eternal Purity, unless That comes first, they will but go on marking time, doing and undoing the things they desire to do in the outer world. Mankind have gone on for two and a half million years, building, building, building – and tearing down what they have built.

What do you think abides today on Earth in the way of constructive accomplishment, which has been saved, or carried through the centuries of the past, that is now to come into the outer use of those who are to build the Permanent Perfection of the future?

Everything that is of value on this Earth that has been a constructive accomplishment of the past, all that has been preserved in the beds of the oceans, hermetically sealed, all that has been preserved in the Retreats, all that is of any permanent existence on the Earth, has been preserved and protected by the Ascended Host, not by mankind themselves.”

Beloved Elohim of Purity

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