understanding the “i am”…that is you…

Diagram of the Sevenfold Flame (3)“In visualizing the Sevenfold Flame within your own forehead, Beloved Arcturus’ Flame is located on the left side of your forehead, and Beloved Hercules’ Flame is on the right side of your forehead, as depicted in the illustration.”

“Beloved “I AM” Ascended Master Youth of the Mighty Saint Germain, and of Light everywhere, We come to you today, bringing the Joy and the Enjoyment of Our Great Powers of Life’s Perfection, all of which you crave within yourselves, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Sometimes the desire for Our Purity and Perfection is a craving within your feeling world that never is satisfied until you receive that which We alone can give.

And if you will learn to Charge the outer self with the Satisfaction of Our Great Love and Purity to Life, you will not be touched by the conditions of the outer world that are purely hypnotic, because anything and everything that is not the Eternal Perfection of Life and Its Mighty, Great, Infinite Love from the Great Central Sun, all that is not Our Eternal Purity, all that is not the Limitless Freedom and Unconditional Use of all Life’s Powers of Perfection, everything that is not That, is out of the sinister force and is nothing but hypnotic suggestion.

Now, We want to take you through the experiences that are still ahead of you, untouched by those conditions of the outer world that strike into the average person. Because they do not know how – individuals of the outer world do not know how – to shut that out, they go down under its failure.

I want you to feel today that if you want the Master Powers of Life, which We have the Authority to confer upon you so long as you place your “Mighty I AM Presence” first and send It your love, and then call to Us for whatever added Powers are required to enable your Life Stream to take you forward victoriously in anything to which you turn your attention, so long as it be constructive – We will clothe you with the Power without limit to accomplish everything your Hearts desire!

Now, We are trying to clothe you in Mantles of Our Substance and those Activities of the Sacred Fire that will take you through outer world conditions. While you may observe them and see the effects they produce, yet you will be kept free from the desire to enter into that which would one day wreck you.”

Beloved Elohim of Purity

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