Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 244

“When you say to all human creation: “You have no power!”, think what that means in the great body of students! With the Power of Light and Energy, which goes forth, saying to all human creation, all limiting and destructive qualities”: “You have no power!” – then, you stop their action, as definitely from further interference with your world, as if you drew a Wall of Light.

Therefore, realize that in your Individual activity, the Same Exact Power is exerted and the same results are produced. Remember this, for We are constantly prompting you, more and more to be aware, to be alert, to these things in your Application. Take notice of the results which come!

Oh, so many things are occurring about you, for which you do not give credit to the Presence; but the Mighty Decrees which you have used have produced these results! I WOULD RATHER BE MISTAKEN A DOZEN TIMES IN MY CALL BEING ANSWERED, THAN TO MISS ACKNOWLEDGING IT ONCE.

Remember, Acceptance is a powerful thing in your Life; and if you will accept every little thing, as a MANIFESTATION AND ANSWER TO YOUR CALL TO THE PRESENCE; then the Greater Fullness will flow, flow, and flow; until like a great river everything of a discordant nature will be swept from your world at your Call. It is your Application which brings such tremendous results.” – The Great Divine Director

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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