understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, We come and will forever watch every opportunity to plant, as it were, Our Hearts’ Flame through your Calls, into outer physical world conditions, until they have become purified enough to be the revealment of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan fulfilled, that purifies this World and raises mankind into Our World of Perfection for Eternity.

And this is the Victory that lies ahead of you. It is the Way and means harmoniously provided that produces only Mastery and perfection, and is forever the only Freedom in Existence.

This is what your Mighty Saint Germain brought to you when He offered you the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, because the Sevenfold Flame of the Violet Consuming Flame is anchored within your brain structure, and This must be drawn into physical conditions for Purification.

Therefore, We offer Our Hearts’ Sacred Fire Love’s Indestructible Mastery and Victory over everything you can ever contact, and We want to fill you with Our Hearts’ Love first, that you may be the Almighty Sun Presence of Our Love in this World, that pours to the rest of Life whatever brings Illumination and returns mankind to the Ascended Masters’ Control of conditions in this World, until the Peace for which mankind calls has become the Purity and the Love of everyone’s Life, in this World for Eternity, and there is no other Divine Plan to be fulfilled.

So Peace is necessary for your survival, and Our Sacred Fire Hearts’ Flame and Love are that Peace; and that Peace is necessary for you to survive to fulfill the Divine Plan. It is necessary through you for your Nation to survive, and it’s necessary through the Nation for the World to be purified and returned to the constructive way of Life.

So, if you will remember Us, We will remember you; and may the Fullness of all the Victory which Our Purifying Love and Peace are to Life, reveal through you the Mastery that forever brings Freedom to the Earth, and the Ascension to all mankind forever. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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