understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Our Love is not to be sneered at, and transgressed, and ignored, and ridiculed, and defied, and refused, without penalty! When Life is so magnificent, and Life gives so constantly to produce the manifestation of Perfection to bless all Infinity, mankind cannot go on and defy the Law of My Peace, the Law of My Harmony, the Law of My Love, without terrific suffering.

Mankind needs to awaken and develop gratitude and understanding that the Infinite Universe is Master over the finite, and Our Infinite Love of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation, Our Sacred Fire Hearts’ Flame is Master over the selfishness of mankind, the filth and the destruction of human creation; and is Master over the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, all of which have blest the outer personal self in one embodiment after the other.

Now I come to you today to expand through you, if you will let Me by remembering Me, to expand through your own consciousness, your brain structure, your outer mind, your outer intellectual consciousness; and to expand through the energy of your feeling world My Heart Flame’s Love, the Love that gives the Peace that surpasseth the understanding of the mind. I come to give the Love that sets all Free, purifies all things, perfects all things, and raises all into greater and greater Perfection of that Love.

If mankind will remember Me, and let My Heart Flame’s Love fill the outer self with what I know keeps out the destructive forces of the outer world, I can be the Invincible Protection within your feeling world of the energy of your own Life Stream, to keep the destructive forces of the outer world from pressing heavily upon you, or imposing their destructive qualities that sometimes you have not realized are surrounding you, and are responsible for much failure, destruction, and desecration.

“I AM” Master of everything in the Universe by the Love and the Purity and the Peace which “I AM”, and That is Power without limit. That is the Concentration of Energy that has become the Sacred Fire that nothing in this World can ever change. Nothing!”

Beloved Elohim Peace

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