understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind needs to understand where the great Treasure-house of the Universe is, what It contains, what you can have in your outer use, and how necessary it is for you to expand It through yourselves. This outer world has blest you tremendously, Beloved Ones, century after century, as you have embodied here again and again and again.

You have used the things of this World; you have used the substance and the Blessings of the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, and you have used many many, many things that the energy and consciousness of other Life Streams have created in one civilization after another. You have used these things that are the gift of someone else’s Life Stream. You have used these many many centuries down through the ages; but you have not realized how much Life gives to the use of the outer self when one embodies in the physical world.

Masses of mankind just take for granted everything in this World; and sometimes rebel furiously because the outer self doesn’t have all it wants, when it has continually misused that which has been given in the past.

We are the Eternal Protection, Almighty Cosmic Intelligence of the Great Central Sun’s Sacred fire Love, the Heart Flame of the Universe, the Heart Flame of Perfect Existence, the Heart Flame of one civilization after another, and the Heart Flame that enables you to attain the Ascension.

No one can attain the Ascension without the Sacred Fire Love of the Seven Mighty Elohim, because when your “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Body draw the Heart Flame within you up and into Itself, and into the Causal Body, We are the enfolding Sun Presence of our Love that keeps everything still and untouched, until your Victory is attained. We are constantly giving everything from the Heart of Creation into the outer use of mankind for the Fulfilment of the Great Divine Plan; and We will continue to give It.

But there comes the time, when, between embodiments, the outer self, if it has not served the constructive way of Life and has not fulfilled its own Divine Plan, the outer self must face the reaction of its own creation; and then We decide whether that Life Stream shall go on into more embodiments or whether that Life Stream must be withdrawn.

The “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Seven Mighty Elohim, are the Deciding Authority and Power and Intelligence and Wisdom, that says to the outer self, when it will not let Our Divine Plan be fulfilled, and that of the “Mighty I AM Presence”; We are the Ones who say: “Thus far and no farther can you have anything in this World. If you let not the Light expand through the Love that has blest you, then you must cease to be!”

That outer intellectual consciousness is dissolved and consumed by the Sacred Fire of Our Love’s Eternal Purity. Then the Higher Mental Body must try again and draw forth another Flame to establish another identity, an outer personal self. And again, We enfold that in Our Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim.

So, there comes the time when there is the reckoning! Mankind cannot go on and consciously and constantly defy the greater Perfection of the Universe, and the Intelligence that creates It and the Love that gives It. The outer intellectual consciousness and the outer feeling cannot go on indefinitely and defy the Perfection of Love that is so Great that It fills Infinite Space with Magnificent Miracle Manifestations. The outer self that defies That must of necessity realize there comes the moment when either you are grateful to Life, or you must cease to be.

This is the Peace which We bring when mankind turns to the Light lovingly, willingly, gratefully, and understands Life enough to cooperate with It, so the outer self may be comfortable, produce Perfection, reach Mastery, and become a Co-creator with Us in the atmosphere of this World and all Worlds to come.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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