Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 237

“Beloved Ones, depending upon the acceptance in your feeling and consciousness, that all and more than We have intimated is being done, do you have the Release of the Courage and Strength you require. Thru your acceptance of It, will It hold you sustained, until you see the Greater and Greater Out-picture of all that must necessarily come forth, from within out.

All mankind thru long centuries, have been bringing things from without in; and as you know, largely the things they did not want. Now in reversing the process, you are bringing forth the Perfection of Life from within, instead of human conditions from outside. I urge you and repeat it again, Beloved Ones, since you have done this for centuries, remember how alert must be the guard.

Do not for one moment give Power any longer to outside things, persons, places or conditions! If you continue to do so, We cannot help you; but in a limited manner; but if you will dismiss them and know, that your “Presence” is the Governing Intelligence, all discord must dissolve. With your attention to It, all human qualities and conditions must dissolve and disappear!

Then, you will have acted in the best manner possible, for Us to give you the Full Assistance We would like to; but if there is doubt or questioning in your mind, you will constantly requalify the energy, until you will only have the partial result of all We would like to give.”

The Great Divine Director

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