understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I think you don’t quite understand what a Divine Being you are! I know you haven’t thought so, and you do not think so of other Life Streams very frequently, once in a while. But you are really a Divine Being, because you have the Sacred Fire from the Heart of Creation within and around you, and that is you; and We love you.

So, We enfold you in Our Heart Flame of Love from the Great Central Sun, to help you more quickly expand the Sacred Fire of your own Heart’s Flame, reveal Its Divine Plan, send Its Blessing to the rest of the Universe, and use the things in this World constructively, so you may have more to use.

As soon as you use everything constructively, your “Beloved I AM Presence and the Seven Mighty Elohim, will always bring into your outer use more and more of the constructive activities of the physical world, to enable you to bless them and raise them into greater and greater Light, until they, too, become the Sacred Fire of Our Love.

This is a constant Raising Activity of the substance of the structure of the Earth, and the atmosphere, the waters of the Planet. It’s a constant raising of everything in this World into the greater Purity and Perfection of Our Sacred Fire Love.

Down through the centuries, in many civilizations and many nations of the World, mankind has been shown a Crown or a Band around the head with a Jewel in the front of the forehead. Well, this represents the Light which We draw from the Great Central Sun; this is the outer Symbol of Our Sacred Fire, Our Heart Flame’s Love within your brain structure.

Mankind does not understand this; and therefore, the people do not give Us an opportunity to fill the brain structure with Our Sacred Fire Love that enables all the magnificent Creative Activities of your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Cosmic Beings to come into your outer use, to create magnificent things that are constructive and will be a Blessing to all Life everywhere for Eternity.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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