understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When your attention was called to the Mighty Elohim of Peace the day He came in Chicago, the Saturday before last Christmas, the moment your attention was turned to Him, you felt His Love come back to you; and there was not a person sitting in that room who did not feel It. He is a Cosmic Being of Transcendent, Majestic Power; a Being who, with one wave of His Hand, can cover the Earth with Peace and still every vibratory action of everything else. Whenever you have turned your attention to Him, you have felt His Peace immediately, and have been given ease and rest and happiness. He answered your love through your attention.”  (Beloved Pelleur).

“The Elohim of Peace and the Brothers of the Golden Robe abiding upon the surface of the Earth of the Three Americas, means the Expansion of the Golden Flame within this portion of the World, until the permanent Golden Age has been out-pictured in the Americas, and the Radiation from That enfolds the rest of the Earth to Its Eternal Freedom.

I convey to you Their Love, Their Gratitude, and Their Blessings. Give Them Acceptance and Love; and call Their Golden Flame into action to heal and to give Peace to all. They are what you might call the Family of the Elohim of Peace. May you become His Children also, and They, as your Elder Brothers, show you Their Pathway of Peace through the Golden Flame of Healing Love from Mighty Helios and the Seven Mighty Elohim.”  (Beloved Meru, God of the Andes).

“Visualizing the outer self enfolded in the Sevenfold Flame of My Eternal Peace, feel that surrounded by a Sun, and wherever you move, move in the Sun of that Flame, and you shall become the Peace-Commanding Presence to the outer world wherever you move, because as you hold the Picture, I can intensify the Flame locally in and around you. That becomes a Sun around you, growing greater and greater, and the intensity of the Fire Element within it becoming stronger and stronger as you use It more.

The Sevenfold Flame of My Eternal Peace is Golden, the Heart Center is White, the outer radiance Violet, turning into Blue at the outer edge.
Now if you would hold this clearly, it will not take long for this to become permanently established around you in a Cosmic Action that will, many times, make individuals see that Flame about you. Many times you will see It yourself.” (Beloved Elohim of Peace).

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