understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you go forward using this Sacred Fire, your own Mighty Powers will come into your outer use and give you Their Blessing, and enable you to accomplish things that will bless Life everywhere. But if you care to call forth the Cosmic Pressure of Our Sacred Fire Love and Peace with such force that It thrills all wherever you direct It, some people will have some very interesting experiences. And even though they might seem not to feel It at the moment, as time goes on, I assure you they will; for I shall make It have Its effect within all Life, if a certain proportion of the people of this Land demand Its Cosmic Presence, and Its Sacred Fire Control of that which exists within your borders.

Blessed Ones, I can come very close to you, I can give you Power that you have never used, and I can give you Assistance that will last forever.
So, if I am not intruding with My Presence, I assure you, I will be a Friend of Mighty Power whose Sacred Fire will enfold you and bless you forever, and lift you out of the limitations that you have experienced in the past.

I hope to remain with you forever and fill the Nation that is the Heart of the World, with the Peace of the Sacred Fire that should have been here and left here undisturbed. (applause). Thank you Precious Ones.

Now, one more thought! If you command everything you do to manifest Miracles of Eternal Peace and the Victory of Our Sacred Fire Love of the Seven Mighty Elohim, just try it out and see for yourselves the change that will take place in your own surroundings, your own affairs.

Then within you comes the Powerhouse from Our Octave that makes you ever more and more capable of producing Perfection here, controlling conditions, flooding the Limitless Blessings of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Ascended Host.

And you, within the world of your own Sacred Fire’s Love, become a Sun Presence that is the Healing Benediction of the World, and Peace has become a Reality for Eternity in you and all about you. Your Opportunities are Boundless, and your Blessings are without limit for Eternity.

May We all blaze as a Cosmic Sun Presence, the Sacred Fire Love and Peace of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation, and let It possess the Earth and all upon it, until Its Sun Presence raises all into the Ascension forever!

I shall not be farther away than your own Heart’s Call; and My Opportunity to answer you, I hope will be continuous and without limit. May My Love prove what My Peace can do for you, and the Sacred Fire enfold you and take Dominion of Its own. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Elohim of Peace

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