Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director 233 quote

“There is no such thing in Life as dealing with blind Intelligence. All Intelligence, even in Nature, all Activity is governed by a Great Intelligence; but mankind’s disobedience to Life, has caused people to believe this was not True! I say to you, as One in Authority for the Earth: “There is no such thing as chance!”

Mankind’s earthly activity, if the attention be given to Life, will be provided and directed with mechanical accuracy, into that which each Life Stream demands! Individuals will not find any chance anywhere along their Pathway of Life; but since mankind had forgotten THE SOURCE OF LIFE WITHIN NATURE, people have believed that all from the outer standpoint, must be a form of chance.

When you understand that you are the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, the Individualized Presence of Life, the Greatest Intelligence in the Universe, then you know nothing in your experience – you Life Stream can be chance! It is under Great Intelligent Direction; but if you refuse to give obedience to It, you cannot blame Life for not producing Its Perfection for you.

Life is always ready; always wants to produce Its Great Perfection; but since you had forgotten Its Source, how could you have all It contains?” 

The Great Divine Director

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