understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I hope you feel the thrill that is within the room this hour, for if I were to stay here and turn This on you a little more strenuously, I would prove to you, right now, the Fulfillment of My Words.

Many of you who were in the Chicago Class when I first came, experienced This to which I have reference. But now, I want you to open the Door and invite into yourselves and into your affairs, the Sacred Fire Love and Peace from Our Great Realm of Life, that Our Blessings and Our Power may fill your world with Perfection and Victorious Accomplishment.

We fill you with Powers to fulfill and manifest the Divine Plan and close the door, by Our Love and Our Peace, to that which has been the distress and discord of the past.

You are at the crossroads of your life’s experience. You have chosen to come thus far on the Pathway of Light; from now on it must be the Pathway of Peace as you draw forth the greater Powers of your “Beloved I AM Presence”, or from the Assisting Masters, to enable you to accomplish greater things and render the service to your Nation and your fellowman that you have the capacity to give, that is your birthright, that is your obligation to your Country. We hope for the Sun Presence of your Peace to be an anchor within the Nation that prevents more destruction against your people.

I am not here by arbitrary cause. I am not come just to satisfy a few people in one place within this Nation. I am come to anchor into the structure of Earth itself here, and wherever the “I AM” Students abide, if they will make this Call, I can anchor like great Pillars of steel-like Force, the Power of Our Sacred Fire to hold Peace, to steady the Nation; to control the Powers of Nature, and hold the Balance within this Land that enables the Divine Plan to be fulfilled, and Protection given to that which is constructive.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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