Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 233

“Beloved People of America, in endeavoring to assist you in the understanding and operation of the Laws of Life, remember, you are an Individualized Presence of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” of Light! Therefore, you have Authority even in the human octave, thru your Call to the Presence of Life, to call forth whatever you will; knowing of course, your motive must be Constructive and your Desire blessing everywhere you move; and that means Life, your fellow-man, and your activities.

As long as mankind understands that all destructive forces and their qualities, eventually return upon the Individual who generates them; then there should be no desire anywhere among the people of Earth to do things which mankind is constantly doing, and which bring the reaction of discordant activities upon Individuals.

We have become Free, thru Our Conscious Application of the Great Law of Life. Your Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth the Exact Law of Life, Its Perfect Application – the Complete Understanding of Its Application. You may apply It, if you will.

The Individual who will earnestly apply It, will have all the Proof anyone desires, that This Law, the Explanation and the Application which He has brought forth, is True!

Unless one uses the Law thru his own application, how can anyone know Its Power? For instance, you may listen to a Truth, but if you do not believe It, how can you be blessed by It?”

The Great Divine Director

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