understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I have watched you a long time. “I AM” the All-Seeing Eye of God! You ever live under the Watchful Eye of that Mighty Intelligence of the “I AM Presence”, and the Great Beings from the Central Sun, from whom nothing is hidden, who are the Masters of all, the Givers of all, and the Saving of all.

If you care to acknowledge and see and feel the Sun Presence of Our Great Sacred Fire Power of Light in and around yourselves, We will dwell with you and within you; and wherever you abide We will abide also. And where We are, no evil can ever come near you.

That is the World I offer you in the midst of the chaos of outer shadows. And in this you will become the Sun Presence in which no shadows can exist, which no shadow can ever touch; and you will no longer feel anything but the Purifying Freedom of Eternal Light.

May My Love enfold you and be a Garment about you. May the Sacred Fire Presence of the Seven Mighty Elohim produce for you the Manifestations of Perfection Indescribable, Invincible, Almighty for Eternity; and let you go forward and hold the balance wherever you abide. And you, facing the Light, become the Light of the World; and that which you once feared will flee at your approach, and you will no longer doubt the Instantaneous Answers to your Calls.

So Blessed Ones, with all the Love, all the Good, all the Power that is of Perfection without limit, We flood to you this hour; and may each of you be a Sun Presence of Its complete Mastery over this World, and your Purifying Freedom lift your fellowman onto the Pathway of Light where each one sees the Goal unto the Ascension, and no longer can shadows across your pathway.

“I AM” the All-Seeing Eye of God to the Earth, from whom nothing is hidden, and whom you must one day face; and when you come face to face with that which I am, you will find we are One!

In the Fullness of that Enfolding Sacred Fire Presence and Consciousness and Intelligence of Life, I enfold you until the Fullness of your Eternal Victory in the Ascension. And may the Peace of that Love that passeth understanding go forth from you this hour, and still the turmoil of the World wherever you abide, heal all, give all, and protect all unto the Fullness of the Attainment of the Final Victory into the Ascended Masters’ Octave. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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