understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now We, in Our Ascended Masters’ Octave of Life, cannot and will not and do not protect evil. It cannot be. So, unless a thing be constructive, We cannot allow mankind to have Our Energy and Our Life to produce manifestation down here; but with all the Blessings and with all the Good that has been given to the people of this World down through age after age after age, that good has not been made Invincible against evil. Therefore, it has dissolved and disappeared.

You are in the Cycle now when everything that comes onto this Earth in the future, and not too far distant future, must be made Invincible against evil, or We cannot give It.

So, regardless of what conditions you want to see changed in the outer world, when you call forth anything that is good, don’t fail to demand that it be made Cosmically Invincible against all evil forever. Then, My Dear Ones, you will never be caught in the trap of the sinister force to enslave you or deprave you, or get you connected with something that is destructive.

This of which I speak is Invincible Protection to you forever, by the Power of God from Our Octave of Great Mastery.

Now, this is what it means to bear witness to the Truth, and to live to glorify the “Mighty I AM Presence”, by using It, all that is in the Universe, to produce constructive manifestations that first of all flood you and your world, because it’s your Life. And then, as We sustain it and protect it and expand that, it gives Its Blessings to all Life around you. And you become a Powerhouse. You become a Sun Presence. You’ll become the Master Authority and Power of the Sacred Fire of Life to create and produce Perfection, Invincible for Eternity; and then in your world of change, the quality is ever Perfection, and the quantity forever expands. And thus are Systems of Worlds created.

You are a co-creator with the Beings in the Great Central Sun. Therefore, you are held responsible for all creative activities of Life that touch your Life. Do you not see how, because you have Free Will, you are able to be the Master Presence that does control conditions in the world around you.

Then you can be of infinite help to your Nation and Infinite help to Life; and then as you serve Life for your Freedom, you know no longer the problems of distress and limitation. You no longer struggle in the discord of mankind’s creation; but you stand the Powerhouse, a Sun Presence of the Love from the Heart of Creation, endowed with every constructive activity you could ever desire; and using everything in infinite space at your Call, you may create here the Perfection that is There. And you go on and on and on with the Magnificent Power of Mastery, and interference you know not longer.

This is the Divine Way to live Life. It begins by your correction within yourselves of your own use of your faculties of creation; and therefore, your first Discipline within is the control of your attention, because without placing your attention upon the Source of Perfection, the Power of Perfection, the Sacred Fire of Perfection, the Substance of Perfection which the Light is and the Sacred Fire is; unless your attention goes There, holds the picture There, pours the love There and draws that back into yourself or into your world, unless you control your creative powers, how can you manifest the Perfection for which you call?”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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