understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Habit, My Dear Ones, is but an accumulation of energy, be it good or otherwise. And therefore, these creative faculties which you have of the mind and the feeling, in which I am extremely interested, and am the Authority in the mankind of this World, you may use at this hour to bring Protection to all that is of God, all that is constructive everywhere.

So, Blessed Ones, there’s no such thing as a person being without help in this Universe; and I want you to feel that tonight with everything you are and have. Don’t ever allow a feeling to come into you that you’re helpless before destructive forces.

Once you know of your “Beloved I AM Presence”, once you know you can command with Life and use the Great Creative Word, “I AM”, give the Great Command of Life for God’s Manifestation, for God’s Power, for God’s Perfection, for God’s Control to come into all physical conditions, oh if you only know what Power you have to command as We command, you would manifest as We manifest; and I must be that Courage for you tonight. It must come! (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones. And so long as you command God made manifest, God will manifest to you.

Now, you’ve done plenty of commanding on the negative side of Life; you’ve acknowledged conditions of limitation down through the centuries. From now on I ask you, regardless of all appearances, to command and command and command, and continue to command in yourselves and around you, the God-Manifestations of Ascended Master Protection and Victory over all evil.

Now, in doing this you build a Powerhouse in and around yourselves of your own Life, your own energy, which We will amplify without limit until you can be absolutely Invincible against everything that is a destructive force. Then you move in the world, but not of it; and yet you have power unlimited to give protection to all that is constructive everywhere.

And if you keep the habit established of picturing only that which is God made manifest, good made manifest, constructive activity made manifest, then We automatically have a free hand to amplify that without limit, and give you anything and everything from Our Octave that enables the Power of Protection and Perfection, to hold command and control of all within your Nation and all throughout the World.

I am stressing this with all the Power you can stand tonight, because the hordes of evil have, through continued misuse of the energy, accumulated more and more power, qualified with destructive qualities and with destructive intent, to try to prevent mankind creating the Protection and Perfection of God, that does fulfill the Divine Plan of Life.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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