understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“And that is why in the beginning of this “I AM” Activity, the Blessed Saint Germain said to you, “We offer you the use of Our Ascended Master Consciousness.”

So, when you want Ascended Master Power or Powers to use in the physical octave to produce Perfection in this World, then you must hold the Picture. And then your Higher Mental Body and We can cooperate, create the Sun Presence of what you desire, anchor It in and around you; and it becomes the Protection around you that will hold Protection for all that is constructive.

I am keeping this entirely on the constructive side of Life, because through habit you may increase the release of the energy in any particular activity to any degree whatsoever. There’s no limit to the amount of energy that you can have to create anything constructive; and if you will demand it be Invincible against everything else forever, you will find the Manifestations for which you call not only coming into outer physical conditions, but you will find them made Invincible against destruction.

Then if you stood among the wreck of a world, that which you have created that is of God would be Invincible and untouched by the destructive activities of mankind’s discord.

Now, you can absolutely hold this Invincible Sun Presence of the Purifying Freedom of God to this Nation, enfolding the Nation in a Violet Flaming Sun Presence, demanding Its Invincible Protection to all that is of God within your borders.

If you will hold this Picture and charge it day after day with your Life, We too will charge it day after day with Our Life, Our Sacred Fire Invincible Freedom, Our Sacred Fire’s Love for Freedom, Our Sacred Fire’s Protection of Freedom, that Life may no longer be bound by the discord of human generation.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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