understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, you are the deciding intelligence as to what you want to contemplate within your being and world, what you want to manifest in the world around you. Now, the mass habit in the race consciousness of mankind, through doubt and fear, is to consciously and constantly outpicture evil, something that is destructive or distorted or not perfect.

Therefore, if you want Perfection, you must hold the Picture of Perfection. Now, this faculty acts, the power of sight acts through the physical eyes; but it also acts within the mind, because the consciousness of you, your consciousness of Life, is the intelligence within you to see that which you want to create or produce in outer manifestation.

And you even have the expression, when someone explains something to you, your expression is, “Oh, I see what you mean.” In other words you comprehend, the mind within comprehends what some other intelligence of Life is giving you to use within yourselves.

Now, the outer world and the Infinite Universe around you is filled with Miracles of Perfection, is filled with Magnificent Manifestations of Beauty and the Creation of the Great Cosmic Beings who have given Their boundless Blessings to the mankind of this World, to experience in the use of the Power of Life, to use all things constructively, and go forward to the attainment of the Ascension.

Now, when your “Mighty I AM Presence” sees you are determined to hold a Picture of Perfection, whether it be for yourselves or the Nation or the World, or just to bless Life everywhere, matters not; the moment you have decided to hold a Picture of Perfection and you make that a habit in the intellect of seeing that Picture again and again and again; when you have given a certain amount of the energy of your Life into that Picture, which is your mental thought-form, if it be constructive, then your Higher Mental Body and one or more of the Ascended Host, the Angelic Host, will take up that constructive Picture; and, pouring into it the Substance from the Ascended Masters’ Octave and the Sacred Fire of the Life of those Beings who are assisting you; They will make that thought-form or the Picture you are holding a living, pulsating creation, a living, pulsating thing in your own atmosphere, like a mighty generator or storage battery, to hold in your atmosphere the Ascended Masters’ Power of the Sacred Fire and Substance of Light, and Their Directing Intelligence, Love, and Perfection, to constantly produce for you that which will assist you to create and produce Perfection to bless Life.

If this be charged with protection, that stands as a living thing in your atmosphere; and you may make that as Invincibly All-Powerful as you desire. I am speaking of this all on a constructive side, because when you create something constructive, and by conscious pre-determination and habit, give that your Life again and again and again by holding the Picture within your world, then you create a Sun Presence of that Power in and around the physical body.

Then the Ascended Masters or Cosmic Beings to whom you call will ever add Their Sacred Fire and Love and Substance, Their Intelligence from Their Octave into yours. And that becomes an eternal part of your Life Stream. That becomes the Ascended Masters’ Power in you and your world, to create and produce greater good.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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