understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of the Light, as We give an explanation this hour of what your activities are producing from the Inner Level, I hope you will understand the privilege that is yours, and the Power you have to set into action the many Powers of the Cosmic Law’s Blessing to the Earth, through the Activities of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Light-Substance.

I want to explain something so that each of you knows what is being done when you hold a Picture of one or more of the Ascended Host, or the Cosmic beings, or you hold the Picture of a Sun Presence, the Heart Presence, or a Star Presence of these Activities from the Heights of Eternal Perfection.

Do not ever allow your intellect to say, “Well, I can’t visualize.” You are using pictures every waking moment, with your eyes open or shut; and you are using pictures every moment the physical body is asleep. There is no time that the All-Seeing Eye of God is not acting through Life everywhere. Therefore, when you are in physical embodiment, the control of the power of vision within the mind, or through the , what you call the physical sight, through the eyes; your power of vision is acting through you to contact that which is in the world of manifestation around you.

Therefore, you are creating and building and photographing upon yourselves some form of life all the time. You have a discriminating faculty; and if you do not refuse to see that which is destructive, then it’s going to come into you. And if it be destructive and you take it into yourselves, it’s going to destroy you. You can’t fool the Law of Energy and Vibration.

Everything in manifestation is producing an effect upon Life, upon substance, upon energy everywhere. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take control of your mind, take control of your attention, hold control of your feeling, which means the energy of your emotional body; and definitely direct, create, and hold the Picture of the Perfection you want, and absolutely forbid a picture of something you do not want to come to your attention.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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