understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, I hope you will call forth all the Power of the All-Seeing Eye in the North Wall of the Royal Teton. That was placed in this Nation in the beginning as a Focus of the Eternal Sacred Fire Sustaining Perfection for this portion of the World.” (Beloved Elohim Cyclopea)

“Since the All-Seeing Eye of God’s Activities is permanently established in the Retreat of the Royal Teton to pour forth Its Cosmic Rays and Action of the Flame throughout the centuries, then from the Inner Standpoint, I would like to have you see that the All-Seeing Eye of God is the Consciousness of Light that has watched over America, and which still watches.

The Power of that Eye, heretofore, was only released once in a hundred years. Under the Action of the Cosmic Law, It has been pouring forth Its Purifying Activities once in six months. Now you can see the proportion, or increase, with which the Cosmic Law acts, in comparison to that Cycle wherein the Law of the individual’s Free Will was paramount.

When you understand that every Activity of the Sacred Fire or the Cosmic Light is some Life Stream’s Love to the rest of Life, you will know what it means to draw forth into the physical conditions of this World the Purifying Love of the Sacred Fire, the Purifying Love of the Great Great Silence, and the Purifying Love of every Retreat of the Ascended Masters throughout the World!

So it is tonight, when the Mighty Cosmic Presence of Beloved Cyclopea draws forth from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun, the Mighty Light Rays that are to go forth through the Great Eye in the North Wall of the Royal Teton.

When that Mighty Stream of Electronic Force is poured forth to various places in the Nation and the World, try to realize that It is Love illumining the atmosphere of the Nation and the World. It is the Love of His Mighty Life Stream pouring forth That which is constructive throughout the World, and It is the Illumining Presence of everything that is constructive, which He draws forth from the Great Central Sun; and so can it be with you.”  (Beloved Lanto)

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