understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, one more thing. If I were you I would definitely demand my release from all doubt and all fear. These are the two feelings within individuals, they are both feelings, and you have no idea how many, many, many forms they take to keep mankind enslaved to the destructive forces of the sinister force.

So Beloved Ones, if you absolutely demand your Complete and Eternal Release from all doubt and all fear, and you demand mankind’s release from all doubt and all fear, it will give Us an opportunity to use certain Cosmic Powers of the Sacred Fire and Illumination that, I assure you, will release a Light through the feeling world of mankind, and you will see the shadows roll back like a sooty smoke in the atmosphere.

And as the Light comes in, that substance that has been in the mental and feeling world of mankind for so long will leave the individual, and will be consumed as it leaves the atmosphere of Earth. And it is , the doubt and the fear are feelings that have enslaved millions of Life Streams through the centuries, and We would like to see them set free.

If I were you I would certainly demand whatever Cosmic Christ Power annihilates all doubt and fear in your own world and then from mankind, and take it away from all Life. Take it away even from the animal creation, for if you were to remove the fear in animals, you would remove their destructive, vicious qualities. You have no idea what feelings have done to Life.

One more thing I would offer to help you, and that is, if you call forth the Ascended Masters; All Powerful Master Control of your attention, it would, just automatically like a needle jumping to the magnet, would automatically turn to your “Presence” and to Us, and you would draw from Our World everything you could use long before the outer world will receive it.

Then you must be very careful not to brag about it, not to exploit it, and in many cases not to even tell anyone about it. But go on, dwell within It, use Its Powers, give Its Blessings, and let your deeds speak for themselves.

And My Dear Ones, you have no idea what Mastery comes from the complete control of your attention, your feeling, and your power of sight; and when you are released from the vibratory action of doubt and fear, you will know what it means to be in the world but not of it, and you will feel a Mastery that will never come in any other way.

Mastery is the Balanced control of Energy, and it’s the Purification that keeps everything harmonized.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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