understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh Beloved Ones, We want you free so much. We want you free more than you want that Freedom! You don’t quite believe that, but that’s true; for We know the Happiness and Freedom and Power in Our World of Activity. In Our Great Octave of Existence, We know the Perfection that is there! We behold the imperfection that is here. And only when you enter into the Realm of Light will you understand what the Treasure-house of the “Mighty I AM Presence” contains, and then will you know what All-Power means.

Just as certainly as you draw This within yourselves and draw It into your outer world affairs, will you find Us very much closer with you; and you will find many, many Powers coming into your outer use that will bless you without limit, and through which you may bless others.

If you will experiment with calling forth Our Powers of Inner Sight and Inner Hearing and the Inner Music, you cannot help but be harmonized. When this clear Inner Sight comes into you, you comprehend quickly and completely that which you wish to know, and then you see that Perfection out here. Then you hear the Music at the Inner Realms of Activity.

You have the Comprehension, the Picture, and the Sound, which is the Feeling. If you will combine these three, you will have Joy unspeakable, and Freedom will really begin to fill you and your world; and you will know what it means to enter into the Use of the Powers that have long been yours, have awaited your use, and can but bless you and all the rest of Life.

Now, for the Blessing of your fellowman, if you will call forth whatever Sacred Fire brings Illumination and Purity into the outer faculties of mankind, and demand the perfection of the sight and the hearing and the comprehension of the mental and feeling world of mankind, if you’ll give that Blessing to the rest of Life, automatically within your world, within you, will come the greater Perfection also.

So, in order to safeguard your own Powers of Sight and Comprehension, your Powers of Hearing, your Powers of Feeling, the Power of your Attention, as you hold This within yourselves, and you ask for This to come forth through all Life and clear the consciousness of mankind so all individuals may behold Our Visible, Tangible Presence, just as certainly as you make that Call to give that Help to the rest of Life, will you automatically have It within yourselves.

So Blessed Ones, wherever you go, you may lift mankind’s distress, you may see the shadows disappear, and you may dwell in the Sunshine of Our Happiness; for just as certainly as you help Us to help mankind be free, will the Cosmic Law permit Us to give Our greater Blessings to help you, and you cannot give without receiving.

We want you to receive the Perfection from Our World that It may begin to grow in this World, and not only bless you, but It becomes a Release of the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements quite as well as the release of mankind from the struggle and strain and uncertainty of the past.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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