Grateful Day, Everyone.

The Great Divine Director quote 216

“The Work your Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth to you, is producing such tremendous results today. The puny mind of mankind which criticizes and condemns His Work, will one day long to have It, when it is too late. I plead with you, do not be so foolish. If you do not care for a thing, at least do not condemn it, then you have saved yourself so much.

No one in the Universe, not even Ourselves, wants you to do something you do not want to do. Therefore, you are Free Beings, except with each other. You are not willing to give each other Freedom, so of course you do not have It yourself!

Now realize, beloved students, friends, relatives and fellow associates; if you want your Freedom, you have to give Freedom to everyone else you know. Unless you do, you will remain bound yourself, for It is the Law of Life. Therefore, profit by the Wisdom which We give. There are no mistakes in It. It is mankind in its bondage who needs Freedom.

If We are willing to attempt to give Our Assistance, mankind should be willing to accept It; at least enough to try It out and see whether It will not produce definite results. That at least should be the logical activity of mankind.

In the activity of your physical life, if you are not quite familiar with a thing, you experiment and see whether it is useful to you. In the Great Laws of Life, when presented by Those who have set Themselves Free by this Identical Application, mankind ought to be willing to try It out and see. Fortunately , great great numbers of mankind have been willing to try It out and are having Freedom now.”

The Great Divine Director

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