Grateful Day, Everyone.

The Great Divine Director quote 215

“In the Power of Radiance which has been released to the Earth, and in the Call thus far, the accumulated application of mankind is sufficient to hold the Balance for every earnest sincere student. When I see silly ignorant mankind grinning and smirking at the Great Wall of Light, one day, they shall see how they have missed their Opportunity. As if the Great Light, as if the Messengers, as if We were concerned with mankind’s belief or unbelief!

They are quite Free to accept or reject, but one day, when the Hearts of the people are wracked in agony, they will wish they had taken the Opportunity offered; and with the Assistance of the Mighty Radiation which is being released to mankind, had attained their Victory and Freedom quickly.

Do you wonder at this time, why We make every Effort possible, to watch and guard you, as though you were little children? You perhaps do not appreciate that; but when the human is silenced sufficiently, thru the feeling, will you begin to understand and appreciate all It means to you individually.

The gathered momentum of the activity of men’s minds, is the governing power of a Nation. If it be misdirected, then the Nation is filled with chaos; and unless it be corrected, there will be the destruction of that civilization.

We have watched civilization after civilization come and go upon this Earth. We have watched mankind in embodiment today, and a few think they know something about Life. They think they know something about the Laws of Life! You are just beginning to learn.

Believe it, Dear Ones, when mankind is willing to turn first to the Presence of All Life, the “Mighty I AM”, and then to the Ascended Masters, Individuals will come to understand and know once and for all time, the Truth of Life.”

The Great Divine Director

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