Grateful Day, Everyone…


“Beloved Ones, My Joy is Boundless! Will you rejoice with Me, in the Service which it has been possible to render. Accept It please! Then, as you enter into the Class, you know you have entered into your Eternal – your Permanent Freedom; and no longer accept any condition or appearance, as having power to limit or disturb you again.

Oh, will you feel how Real all this is? I am none the less Real, because you do not see Me. Because My Vibratory Action raises My Body of Light, beyond your physical sight, is no reason why I am not Real! I am more Real than you; believe it or not! Please do not believe a thing is not Real, because it is invisible; for all the Great Powers in the World which are being used are invisible!

Many thousands of students have seen the Calls of the Messengers answered with definite precision. Now, as the Great Momentum of the large numbers of students, who in their great loyalty are joining these Wondrous Decrees, the Power has become Mighty. Many of the things which were thought to take place in the World, have not taken place.

All of you earnest, Blessed Ones, have been a part of that Great Service in the Mighty Decrees which you have issued. We congratulate all the students who are able to release such a Mighty Power of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love and Blessings, for It is the Secret of all things!”

The Great Divine Director, The “I AM” Discourses

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