understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, when you need to do something and you are not quite sure of yourself, or even sometimes when you go into a condition and you think you do know the right thing, don’t be so sure of that! The human has been so trained and let to run wild and dash into everything, thinking it knows more than anybody else.

Even when you think you know the right thing, stop a moment and ask your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Seven Mighty Elohim Heart Flame within you, to tell this outer self; blaze the Light and the Heart Flame of Indestructible Purifying Love through this outer self; possess it and control it, and prevent it from doing wrong! You will avoid problems. You will avoid mistakes. You will avoid the things that have been your limitation and your distress down through the years.

Now when you do this, you will feel a Freedom you have never had before, because you will become aware that you can fill your world with Our Perfection, and you can control your world by Our Perfection; and then you will not need to depend on the conditions of the outer world that are here today and gone tomorrow, or that seem to be one thing, and when you have drawn them into your world, they have become the opposite of what they seemed.

This prevents mistakes, deception, and the trap of the sinister force to keep you from having the full Perfection of the Divine Plan fulfilled, and the full Master within yourselves to do that which is right, so long as you remain in this World.

If a thing seems to be right, still check it with your “Beloved I AM Presence” and with Us, and ask Us to blaze Our Fiery Christ Truth, Our Fiery Christ Love, Wisdom, and Power, Our Fiery Christ Illumination, Our Fiery Christ Purity into this thing, to show you unmistakably what the Ascended Masters would do, what is the Ascended Masters’ Way to do anything that seems constructive in the outer world, the Ascended Masters’ Solution of a problem, your Ascended Masters’ Correction of any mistake, the Ascended Masters’ Removal of the opposition to the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan!

But you must charge your own intellectual consciousness, and charge your feeling with Our Fiery Christ Alertness, Our Fiery Christ Love, Wisdom, and Power that holds absolute balance in the mind, in the feeling, in the substance of the things you handle, in the conditions in your world, so things do not get out of balance.

There isn’t a human being in existence that can’t have unlimited help, who will set this habit and hold to it, until it straightens everything out in the being and world of the outer self of the individuals who make the Call.

So Blessed Ones, It is invaluable experience!”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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