understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now one more thing! Whenever you wish to start out on something that’s a new project or some responsibility you have to carry, even just solving your problems sometimes mentally, if you simply stop everything of the outer and call to your “Beloved I AM presence” to come in, and then call to the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation to fill you with, and enfold you in Our World of the Master Control of the Sacred Fire’s Perfection, and the Sacred Fire’s Master Way, the Elohim Master Way to produce the creation you desire; or the control of the condition you desire, then you open the way for Us to fill not only you, but the conditions around you with the Sacred Fire of Our Hearts’ Love.

And whenever That comes in, We prepare the way so that when you come in and have anything to do there, automatically your “Presence” has control of the outer self because it is Harmonious; the outer self is quiet.

If We enfold you in Our Hearts’ Flame, I’ll assure you, you can’t get the flutters and nobody around you can disturb you. You could stand in the midst of turmoil and you’d be as calm as the Great Great Silence; and that’s Mastery. That’s the Power you need in order to hold the Harmony within by which your own “Beloved I AM Presence” can pour into the situation whatever Sacred Fire produces Perfection for you.

And We, the Enfolding Cosmic Sacred Fire of Our Life blazes in and around you, That which raise you and everything in this World into the same Great Perfection which Our Love has produced in Life.

So from this hour, you can use Our Sacred Fire Love to do positively anything and everything you have to do in the physical octave, if you care to make this Call to your “Presence” and to Us, and We shall await your Call.

We are waiting to give you experiences that will delight you beyond description. We are willing to give you the Sacred Fire Love which Our Mastery is, that you may use It to master conditions here. And if you and We can’t master conditions here, it won’t be Our fault.

We’ll teach you how, and you do not have to become slaves of circumstance, or allow yourselves to be imposed upon by the conditions of the people in this outer world that will not, as yet, live the Harmonious Perfect Way of Life.

We are the Giver of the Gifts of Life. We are the Seven Builders of Creation, and I assure you, We have not forgotten how to build Perfection. So if you want Our Perfection and the Secret of how It’s done, how It’s created in this World, the information is yours. There is no Secret from Our Side. We give the Limitless, but you must open the Door.

So when you want It, call for It! When We give It, you accept It! When you accept It, go ahead and use It, and your world shall become the Perfection or Our World, and your World will bless the rest of this World, just the same as Our World is ready to bless you!

I hope you can, and will remember to experiment with the Use of Our Sacred Fire God Way of Life to do everything, and give Us the opportunity to flood your beings and worlds with Blessings that, as yet, mankind has never used in this World. And We are ready to open the Door today! So I trust you will come with Us! (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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