understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have decreed to prevent all mistakes, limitations, problems, and struggle! Every bit of that can be prevented by the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire and Way of doing everything, and We can teach you many many many Ways to do things that mankind has never yet used. You can be the Advance Guard of the Incoming Civilization, and you can just as well know the Harmonious Way to do many of these things that seem so complicated, and are complicated, that cause confusion.

And you can call to the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host to show you the Sacred Fire’s Way of Manifestation; and if you care to call, We are more than happy to enfold you in Our Illumining Mind, Our Illumining Consciousness, Our Illumining Harmonized Feeling, Our Illumining Sacred Fire Presence, and Control of everything in your outer self; so you can have the Magic Way to live Life and let your “Beloved I AM Presence”, the Magic Presence of all Eternity, come into you and show you what a Magnificent Way Life has used throughout the aeons of time to sustain this World, to ever expand the Perfection that’s been brought here, if mankind would just stop the creation of discord.

If you will use This, you will find Our Enfolding Sacred Fire Love will not only prevent discord in you and your world; but wherever you abide, It will hold helpless the discord in the world around you through which, sometimes, you have to pass.

So Beloved Ones, if you care to accept Our Sacred Fire, practical Way to live Life and use the God Powers of the Sacred Fire to control conditions in you and around you, We are the Givers of those God Powers, those God Flames of Manifestation, those God Ideas of Illumination to the mind. We are the Givers of the God Feeling of Life which Our Love is, and We are the Givers of the Way and Means of controlling your physical bodies, and the conditions around you, that never create discord; and I think it’s time some unascended beings learn how to live that Way! (applause). Thank you so much.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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