understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Every constructive desire is God’s Desire for you. But when you demand to know the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment in the use of those constructive desires, then it should be revealed to you; and the moment you ask, there is the Power in the Universe to answer.

And that way you can go forward; you live in God’s Universe then, and the race consciousness of mankind can never touch you again. And this I give you as a Promise and as a Revealment of the Great Blessings of the Cosmic Law.

Once your “I AM Presence” says to Me: “Blend the Flame in the Heart, the throat and the head of this My Instrument”; once I blend those three Flames into One, never again can you be touched by limitation or mistakes or problems.

That day, you are through with the shadows of human creation. And I assure you, it is the most joyous Freedom. It is like stepping out into the sunshine after you have been in a dungeon of darkness; you step into a Freedom that you see always within the Light.

And then as your attention is held upon that Light, you become aware of the Light in others, and you deal with the Light of Life. And that which seems to be human accumulation around it is no more than a cocoon; you break it apart, throw it away or consume it, and you let loose the butterfly from within. And the Soul arises on the Wing of Its Eternal Love, and It lives in the Universe of Light, eternally Free.

You are that My Dear Ones. The Flame within your Heart is bound by the race limitations and mistakes of the past, but the Hand of your “Presence” and your Heart’s Call can snap every limitation that has ever dared to try to limit you in your onward progress to Freedom.

So let us go forward, and with no uncertainty take the Hand of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. Use the Power of the Great Command, and demand the Eternal Truth of the Miracle Light of the Universe reveal to you anything and everything you want to know or need to know to release Perfection everywhere, to raise all you contact, to move forward with the Fullness of your Freedom and stand forth the Fulfillment of your Victorious “Mighty I AM Presence'” Divine Desire for you.

This is the Divine Plan of Life; and as you Call This forth, it would be impossible for Us not to answer you. Your Victory is as certain as your Call.”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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