understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh Beloved Ones, come tonight into that Eternal Light of Our Love, demand what you will of Eternal Truth, and see whether We give It to you or not. You have had volumes of Instruction from Our Octave in these Magnificent Dictations over the years.

And why do you suppose We have flooded you with this? That you may render the Service to the Nation that must come, and the Nation render the Service to the World that must come! And it must come by the Power of the Sacred Fire. It must come by the Eternal Truth in the Eternal Light of the Universe, the Miracle Light of Eternity in which no lie can exist.

And therefore, you step upon your Pathway of Light with absolute certainty of your knowledge, your power, and the way and means by which you attain your goal.

Then My Dear Ones, you become a Beacon Light, like a Sun, and the Magnetic Power of that Sun will draw everything into the same Perfection where Love alone pours Its Light everywhere to bring happiness and ever create the Universe about you and fill it with the Glory of Its Almighty Command.

Oh My Dear Ones, let Me blend these two Flames. Again and again and again return your attention to your “Presence”, until there is not one bit of obstruction between and you can go forth in the attainment of the success that should long ago have filled your Nation and the World. Demand this same revealment to the people of the Nation.

Demand that the people of this Land be compelled to know the Eternal Truth in the Miracle Light and the Sacred Fire of that Love that sustains the Universe. Demand that the people be compelled to know the Truth that abides only within the Eternal Light, and then fire them awake with that Truth, until Its Blazing Presence has consumed the hordes of the shadows.

Whatever you want to know, you can know so long as you demand the Truth revealed to you from within the Cosmic Light of the Love and Sacred Fire of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”. And you keep insisting that that “Mighty I AM Presence” tell you the Truth about this! Tell you the Truth about this! Tell you the Truth about this in the Eternal Miracle Light of Love Supreme; and see for yourselves that which clears away the limitations and the mistakes and the problems of the past.

This will allow you to balance your world. And when your world is in balance, then there comes forth from your “Presence” the Fulfillment of every Desire of your Heart, so long as it be constructive.”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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