understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will just set to work with Joyous determination to hold these Pictures of perfection within your thought, and then love them with your feeling, seeing and demanding that They be revealed to you in the Light from the heart of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you will find such Glory, such Power, and such Serenity, such Accuracy coming into your outer activity as will bring you Joy for Eternity.

And in trying to accomplish this, if I were you, I would demand the Ascended Masters’ Concentration and Use of all the energy and substance of the outer self held forever within the Illumining Love that must produce Perfection.

When you understand this Magnificent Power of the Sacred Fire as the Love which illumines everything by Its own Perfection, then you will not just feel that the Love to which We refer is some transcendent Activity in Our World, and unattainable by you until you come into Our Octave – because that is not the condition of Life!

Everything that is in Our Octave We stand ready to flood into your outer use, because the greater Perfection of Life is always giving of Its greater Blessing to that which is lesser. And the greater Perfection is a Magnet that draws the lesser into the greater.

Therefore, that is the Law of your own existence. It is the Law of all Life – that everything must become greater and more perfect, as you enter into the Great Cosmic Release of those Activities of the Sacred Fire that are commanded by Love alone.

There is no part of Life in the unascended state that can interfere with the Fire of Our Love! I want you to feel that; I want you to be enfolded in It. And if you hold the Picture of My Heart’s Flame enfolding you in My Love, as surely as you hold that Picture will My Love enfold and hold you in the Perfection of My Octave.

And since it is part of My Great Service to Life to consume the veils between the Flame in the Heart and the Flame in the head, then as you enter into the use of the Light of My Love, you will find those veils becoming thinner, the resistance less; the delay will cease, and all of a sudden with the great Ease and Power of Freedom, you will throw aside your limitations as if they had never been. Now this is what takes place My Dear Ones, in the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan of Our Assistance to Life.”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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