understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It wouldn’t make any difference how much of this world’s goods you were required to use, if your “Presence” chose to accomplish some magnificent thing in the outer, It is the Authority for the use of everything in manifestation. Therefore, when you ask It to show you what you need to know within the Light in the Heart Flame of the Assisting Master, then the enfolding Radiance of that Master’s Love will show you the Light, and give you unmistakably the Direction by which you can let the greater Mastery of your “Presence” reveal Itself through you in outer action.

Then you become Perfection expressed, because with the Radiation of an Ascended being, and your “Presence” releasing Its Direction through you, there is no such thing as an obstruction or delay.

You may have anything you want without limit, so long as you understand this and cooperate with it, And to some degree Beloved Ones, It is a revealing activity of your “Mighty I AM Presence” similar to the Cosmic Screen upon which the Blessed Saint Germain revealed to the Children in the Cave of Symbols that which He wished to do through them, and which he wished them to hold their attention upon until He accomplished their Freedom for them.

So it is with you when you understand that within the Heart Flame of your own “I AM Presence” is the Eternal Divine Pattern and Direction and Plan for you, every instant the rest of Eternity, and that within the Light from the Heart Flame of an Assisting Master is the Love and the conscious enfolding Radiance to assist your own “I AM Presence” to release Perfection. Then, as you are aware of what is to be accomplished, the outer self could not make a mistake ever again.

Seeing the Divine Perfection from within and feeling the enfolding Protection from the Assisting Master, the outer self could not be disturbed and would not fail once to cooperate in every way, that these greater Powers might act through the outer self at all times in Perfect Divine Order.

Then My Dear Ones, when that becomes a habit within you, there will be no longer mistakes or limitations or the struggle you have experienced in the past. This can become the Cosmic Screen for you, upon which Life places the revealment of Its own Magnificent Glory and Its unmistakable Direction to you.

And the easiest way to feel This at first, until you come to the point where you see It, is to command the stillness at the solar plexus and relax, not with a sense of drowsiness but a sense of balanced ease and peace within the feeling world. In that there is no tension in the nerves and when the nerves are relaxed, the Light from the “Presence” is flowing through the body without interruption.

And in that Light which comes into the body through that Ray from the Heart of the “Presence”, in that Light are the Pictures and is the Power or Pressure you require to bring to the outer self anything that will fulfill the Divine Plan.

And in the enfolding Radiance from the Love of the Assisting Master, there comes the Atmosphere and Light Substance from Our Octave that is your insulation against the discord of the outer world that would interrupt what your “Presence” was trying to accomplish.

Now, in this you will have tremendous Assistance so far as your health is concerned. When you hold the Picture of the Light Substance from within that Ray of Light entering into the brain structure, spreading Its Light through the nerves, going into the spine and sending Its Light through the nerves again, then sending It to every Point of Light in every cell of your body – then as that Light comes in and expands Its Pressure, so to speak, through the flesh structure, the Assisting Master pours the Light of His or her Love around you, fills your atmosphere with It, you breathe It in, It unites with the Light from your “Presence”, and the human creation in between must subside and be consumed.”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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