understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is one point I want to bring to your attention. My little pal has rendered a gigantic service to America as Lafayette. You don’t know the half of it yet. All I ask is that it may keep on. Your absolute self-control and obedience will allow the out-picturing of all that that service has meant. One of the reasons why the Great Law and why I have been very happy to provide for you financially at this time, is because of your great generosity to America, to Washington in that time of great need.

Donald Ballard:    Saint Germain, notwithstanding, if there is any way I can give more service in balance for what I received, I wish it would come about.

Saint Germain:    Just make your Call and the Great Power of Life will adjust all of that.

Tell Me, do each of you feel this tremendous glowing Circle that envelops you? You remember how at Chananda’s Table this enveloped the heads of the individuals? This envelops your whole bodies in an even far greater Power than that which was in Chananda’s Home. So, please feel that you stand and rest within the Great, Great Sanctuary of Life.

These meetings – no words could describe what it means to each of you! But to have that complete love and blessing, one to the other, would so quickly bring into action and reveal certain things that would make you rejoice forevermore; but as long as there is one who does not give that, then all must wait until that one gives the needed obedience.

So, each one please see their own responsibility to the rest of the Student Body; and know that each one’s entire business is the harmonizing and perfecting of your own feeling world and your self-control.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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