understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Saint Germain, does the Law of our Life Streams permit, or would You take out of each of us all desire and capacity to ever want anything for ourselves, or want our own way about anything? Why should any of us who have spent centuries building all kinds of vicious conditions – God knows what, and we don’t want to know – ever again want our own way?

Saint Germain:    I would qualify it in this way: I would take out the desire for individual achievement.

Question:    I do not mean that. I mean the dissolving of the human that cannot have its way.

Saint Germain:    The desire for the human to have its way, I think, would cover that entire feeling, because that desire is taken out; and that is what We are really proceeding to do today in raising your desire world into the Command of the Higher Mental Body.

It means ere long the complete dissolving of the human desires, which would include one’s desire for having his own human way because – now each one, please remember this, since this point has been brought up – the moment you feel resistance one to the other, it means that that is a human quality acting. And it is up to the individual who feels that, to stop it immediately and know that its business is to perfect its own world and to be harmonious and cooperate, each one with the other.

That is imperative, because as the Light expands, the one who will not do that would be thrown out of the Light – not by any one’s desire, but the very Light Itself would throw them out of the Heart Center by Its ever-intensifying activity of the Light. Therefore, in these promptings there is no reason why anyone should  not govern it.

Question:    When you realize every bit of unhappiness anybody ever experienced was caused by their wanting their own way – that was the thing I want taken out.

Saint Germain:    Well, this today will assist tremendously in that; and I think everyone has been realizing more, more, and more not only the need, but the reason why this is necessary. To gratify human desires is an obstruction always to the freedom of the Light; but in the Service of the Light, to be harmonious and cooperative will cause the Light to bring about this which We have begun today.

I say this to you; if you cannot discuss a point happily and harmoniously, discontinue the discussion. Don’t feel, anyone, that you are each other’s keeper. The kindness and consideration of each other is absolutely imperative. You are dealing at this point with the Mightiest Law in Universe; and each one has within them now the Power of Complete Achievement, but not if they judge each other.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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