understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Within the hour it has been made possible for Me to render you a Service which I have longed to do, and may you rejoice with me in that achievement. In the days to come you will really and truly know what it means to have strong and powerful Friends, and the world has really never known what Friends mean until they have the Ascended Master Friends!

In the period in which your attention was upon the sustaining of Life in the body, it was a vastly different thing than now; for now, the whole world’s attention, practically, has been called to the Ascension.

You see, there is no Final Goal in sustaining Life in the body. It is a tremendous power of achievement. I mean, you go from one vast achievement to another; but in the accumulation of that very great Wisdom and Power, still you are not Free.

Only in the Ascension do you become wholly Free Beings!

Therefore, at this period when the Goal of mankind, the Ascension, has been permitted to be given to mankind, and now the Dispensation – can you believe Me when I say to you that in the beginning of this Work six years ago, such a thing as this new Dispensation was not even conceived of? That has all been drawn forth from within the Great Silence by the unfolding Activity, since you first began giving out this Work in Chicago.

You see how these things come about, by the vast and tremendous Call of mankind! I tell you frankly, the people that are secretly making these Calls, even just having heard the transcriptions – it is amazing.

That is why the Great Ones seeing this – and when the Goddess of Light joined the Goddess of Liberty in this tremendous Work, and in the intercession of the Central Focus of all Light, Power, Wisdom, and Energy to this System – then from within that Great Light were revealed these possibilities which cannot be revealed and are not revealed until the time approaches for mankind’s release, which can only come through the Calls of mankind.

Do you realize that only since the close of the Second Golden Age have such Calls ever been made from the body of humanity as are being made today? In your busy lives I realize you have little time to think of those things, but still it is true; and oh, what a Service to render this Service to the Light!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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