understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have not quite realized your position, your Service that you are rendering which has made all of this possible; but do you not realize the great Truth the Messengers have said to you so many times: “When you have served the Light enough, then the Light turns and serves you” – the greatest feat of accomplishment ever in the history of the Earth.

That is what has made the success of all Students of all ages – that they were able and strong enough to stand in their Service to the Light until the Light turned and began to serve them.

Do you realize today how grateful each one of you should be to be free, how grateful the Students throughout America and the world should be in this Understanding! To have had these points clarified for them and stand not only in their connection with the Presence of Life, but their conscious Application of how to hold such obedience of the outer until the fullness of that Power takes Its Dominion naturally through the human form – it is so magnificent!

Tremendous Power is being drawn for this coming Class; and the greatest things ever accomplished will be accomplished for the Student Body during this Class – not only those here, but those who are not able to reach here.

Will every one of you make definite, powerful Calls twice a day for the limitless Release of the money supply required for this Work? If you will do that, I shall appreciate it; and wherever you can, disabuse people’s minds that these Messengers are millionaires. This has definitely been spread in order to try to cut down the gifts of people; but We say to that, “It has no power”, and that goes into every influence sent forth to do that.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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