understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    This Light You spoke of, is It similar to that Garment of Light-Substance from the Secret Love Star?

Saint Germain:    That is more for clothing; but this Liquid Light is a Substance that enters right in – similar to what you would use in drinking a precipitated Liquid, although that is still more powerful. I will never forget the first precipitated Liquid that Mr. Livingston drank at Mr. Rayborn’s home at the mine. His hair almost stood up.

While it is a most peculiar sensation, I am frank to say, the first time you take a precipitated Liquid into the system there is no describing it. You just cannot describe it, because It goes right through the system like Liquid Fire. And of course, you know how quickly the blood circulates through the body; then you can know the speed this goes through the body. It is almost like an electrical force, but it is just an indescribable thing and the effect is something marvelous.

When I first discovered this, and that I could produce It, I almost hesitated to try It. But I tried It out on Myself first, and I thought, “If I survive, somebody else might.” I shall never forget the sensation. I certainly gasped; but I just waited for the results, and they turned out to be very marvelous.

Mr. Ballard:    Was that what was coming into my hand?

Saint Germain:    Yes.

Mr. Ballard:    Had I continued that, would It have come forth?

Saint Germain:    Yes; but the need of the other work was paramount at the time, and was the reason you did not continue it.

Mr. Ballard:    Should I try it again?

Saint Germain:    Well, just follow the Inner promptings; but I would not urge it just now, until we get more of this protective work accomplished. All of these other things will follow after enough of this is done, so the Protection is assured.

Question:    Shall I keep giving the Decrees powerfully in the Contemplation Groups like I did in Oakland?

Saint Germain:    Oh I think so. It is magnificent. If you saw from Our standpoint what is accomplished in those Groups, it is tremendous. I mean not only for them individually, but for the release of the Power that We can use. I tell you, they get into a powerful sincerity; and you have observed, of course, that it always comes into the exact same Power and Energy in every Contemplation Group.

There is hardly any exception, because you are able to call It forth. I tell you it is a Service that is tremendous, not only for America, but for the things that it is doing for them individually – because when they get into that vibratory action, they take hold and make clear Application, where they won’t do it most of the time for themselves. They get into that great, firm determination, and it is marvelous.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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