understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I do urge all of you that are doing work that requires your bending forward, to stop three of four or five times during the day for two or three minutes, and lie across the bed or some place where you reverse the position of the spine.

Oh you would get such relief and keep from getting into that spine tension, because I tell you, when you are typing or writing or playing where your head must necessarily lean forward – you in years past when you were doing other work outside, you did not continue these things long enough to get the pressure; but where you work for hours in almost one position, it almost locks the spine and the flow or the nerve energy, and that is the reason you find this tension.

Many times by putting a pillow under the shoulders and just letting go and relaxing, and let yourself relax over that, sometimes it relaxes the whole system and lets the Currents of the Energy flow. Then there is no tension or distress; but when you get under the pressure of work, many times you do not feel you have time to do it.

Question: Wouldn’t it help to let the head hang over the edge of the bed?

Saint Germain: Yes, but that is not quite the point. It is between the shoulders where they need the relaxation more than the back. That is why I suggest a pillow or something that is soft that doesn’t make a hard spot – something soft between the shoulders, because that is the place where the relaxation is needed.

All people more or less lean forward in the natural activity, because most people droop in the shoulders if they do not watch themselves.

You will note the Messengers stand for hours in almost an immovable position. Well, there are few people who can do that; but that is because they stand absolutely straight with the spine and all the nerves flowing in equal balance. The audience marvels and marvels how they can stand almost three hours in one position. That is the reason, because it is the natural Current of Energy causing them to stand straight. It is a very wonderful thing. You don’t have any sense of exhaustion; you could not have.

When people do not realize these things, the natural tendency of the human is to drop into a position where they seem to be most comfortable; yet by habit, they come into a position where they are most uncomfortable.

Oh there are so many little things that are so helpful and vital, but people do not do them because they let the pressure of the moment make them feel they haven’t time to do it; yet if they would take the time, it would make everything else so much easier.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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