understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Is there always one planet in every System of Worlds wherein the people do disobey the Law of Life, or is this just a stream that is accumulated?

Saint Germain:    No, every System has its own planet which is the wayward child; but of course the Earth is the densest, by far, of all that disobedience.

You take our present humanity today. Those who arise out of this through their Call to the “Presence”, become a strength and power unknown to those who have not gone through it. It draws forth the utmost of the Strength, Purity, and Fullness of the Divinity within the individuals. That means they gain the full Mastery.

That is why the Ascended Masters are such marvelous Beings, because They have gained that Mastery through rising out of human conditions and limitations; therefore They are the Attainment of the Perfection and full Mastery over the most destructive forces that are in the human octave.

For instance, let Us take Ourselves: when We have won the Ascension through the human Calls, it gives Us – not just because of having reached that state, but it gives Us a Freedom, Determination, and unyielding Power over human qualities and destructive things that just is not describable in words.

That is the reason why in these Classes We are able to pour forth a Radiance and Substance that is – well, if you saw from Our standpoint, it is the most marvelous thing you ever witnessed, especially since the beginning of the Shrine Class when this greater Activity was entered into. It is a marvelous thing.

Question:    Does this Liquid Light-Substance act as if It dissolves the covering from the Points of Light?

Saint Germain:    Yes, It does do that; but perhaps this would make it clearer: It rather eats up the imperfection that is there.

I would suggest to everyone that you feel that Liquid Light envelop and enter into your kidneys, your bladder, and reproductive organs at least twice a day for two or three minutes. Just feel that enter in and dissolve all impurity and imperfection. The kidneys need it in almost every person these days very much, because the kidneys of every human being have been constantly overloaded with substance that is so difficult for them to handle.

If you ladies would just visualize from the base of your brain area and all along the spine to the end of the spine – like a tube of Liquid Light feeding off into the body through the vertebrae and through those nerve channels, you would find a great relief from a tired spine, because in addition to your Call to the “Presence” to charge the energy, you will find It a Sustaining Power.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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