understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, if I were to precipitate – for instance, give a glass of that Liquid to each one of you, and you drank it now tonight, your bodies in the morning would look almost like different human beings. I have been hoping I could do that, and still hope that that can come about; but I must have sufficient harmony maintained within the feeling of the individuals before that can be done.

Question:    Harmony over a certain period?

Saint Germain:    Yes, it must be over a long period so there would not be any reaction or discord within the body.

Question:    Would that take out all discord, so to speak?

Saint Germain:    If sufficient harmony had been maintained for a length of time, then if this were done, it would make one almost invincible against it by any any outside projection, except their own feeling within. But the greatest Service I contend this will do for the Student is to make them practically invincible against outside suggestions.

As the radio work continues, you will find that the class of people drawn into this Work will be marvelous. They will be firm, kindly, unyielding in their determination to the Light, and they will take hold of things and from the beginning shut off this foolish gossip. Then they will be able to go ahead in the marvelous way. But as long as they listen to or become a part of that kind of thing, it creates such turmoil in their feeling world they cannot be stabilized.

That is why the Messenger urged them in the Shrine Class and since, not to listen to or become a part of those things, a wide-open prey for the thing the destructive forces want to pour in. I tell you, you cannot take people by the hair and make them accept this Work. If they don’t want to come in of their own volition, just let them go their own way. This sounds, again, perhaps ridiculous, but from Our standpoint it is so true.

The true human relationship is where people are in harmony. If they are not in harmony, there is no relationship, you see. That is the truth from the highest standpoint, but mankind in general would think I was a terrible creature to say that thing. They would surely swear I was breaking up homes. That accounts for the conditions that exist in the world, because mankind have become wholly ignorant of the real or true laws governing those things.

But so long as the conditions exists, you just have to make the best of it until something can be done to raise the consciousness and the feeling world of mankind into that which is wholly different; and of course, the Knowledge of the “Presence” is the only thing that could do it and sustain it.

Someday when I show you the records of mankind, you will marvel with Me that the sanity of mankind has been sustained.

I tell you, the way they have with great determination gone exactly opposite to the Requirements of the Laws of Life – and of course, it gets them into a state of consciousness where any kind of depravity seems a perfectly natural thing, don’t you see, because then they would not resist it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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