understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Saint Germain, don’t look at the watch. We don’t want you to go.

Saint Germain:    I shall have to go presently, because We have tremendous work to do in Europe in the next twelve or fourteen hours.

Question:    May we go with You?

Saint Germain:    Yes, you may. When you go to sleep tonight, if you will make the Call I will try to have you retain the memory of some of it; or if not, I will try to impress it on the Messenger.

Question:    Can we all go?

Saint Germain:    It only requires your Call.

Question:    When we go out at night, do we earn our salt, or do You have to tie us to a post?

Saint Germain:    I want to say Beloved Ones, if you had seen the Service rendered a good many times just in the past year, you would be rejoiced beyond anything you have experienced.

But I say again to you Beloved Ones, whatever you do, don’t let the human or anybody else, or yourself, suggest to you that you are not making progress. Watch out for that, good and strong! Watch it with all you have, anytime it comes up; for you are making amazing progress.

Donald Ballard:    Will you give us a special Charge of Energy and a special Blessing during the time we are going to be away now, and we will make an absolute unceasing Call that our every activity in Los Angeles when we go back, and our entire trip east, is exactly according to the Divine Law in every respect.

Saint Germain:    I appreciate that Don, with all My Heart, because the transformation is so great within you.

Question:    We make the Call that not the slightest thing happens in our world to distort the Law, and ask for Your Protection and Blessing.

Saint Germain:    I thank you with all My Heart; and you certainly have It, and I will direct It through the Messenger. Will you all stand and receive the Blessing?
NOTE: Saint Germain then gave His Blessing to each one, directed through Mr. Ballard’s hands – first on the forehead. Then He asked each one to reach forth their right hand, palm up, and He poured the Currents again through Mr. Ballard’s hands. He stated that He had been hoping to do that for a long time, but it could never be done before. It only goes to show what the Great Law may do at any time. Saint Germain then asked all to pour forth their love and blessings to Mama and those in Los Angeles who were there making transcriptions.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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