understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Can you tell us anything about the lights that were seen in the northern sky?

Saint Germain:    They were Cosmic Activities of great Power. By the way, the flashes you saw tonight were powerful charges through the atmosphere.

Question:    Were they in answer to our Call?

Saint Germain:    Yes. Tremendous really! And there will be more and more answers to the Calls, I mean in the outer manifestation.

Question:    Is it good to get out into a place where you can make the Calls in the open?

Saint Germain:    It is very lovely. It gives you so much greater sense of release and expansion. It is not that you could not do the same thing anywhere; but still, the human qualification today gives you so much greater release and expansion through the Call.

For instance, it is just like the time you were in Muir Woods when the Messengers were there. There was an enormous Release that day. It is because the feeling world of each one is more relaxed, and you are really giving your whole attention to the thing in hand. You see?

Question:    Are Faith, Hope, and Charity coming closer into the outer?

Saint Germain:    Yes. You see, as the Cosmic Light is releasing more and more of Its Power, It is calling forth many of these Great Beings who have not been brought within the Earth’s atmosphere for a long, long period. It has been a long time since Faith, Hope, and Charity were personally within the Earth’s atmosphere – the same as the Goddess of Peace and Cyclopea and various others, Arcturus, and all those who are coming forth. It is a long time since Cyclopea came forth. He only came once in a hundred years for a long period; but now as this advances, more and more are being called forth.

Right at this point, if you only realized how it – the Call of Life – brings those Great Beings forth to minister to the Earth. Now, if you realize that your Calls that you make are the full Power of the Call of Life for the quality or thing that you need, don’t you see how there could not be a single thing of human creation or conditions in the Universe that could hold it from you? It would be impossible.

You know, every one of your Calls is the Call of Life which has the full Power of Life to release what you are calling for; but of course, the intellect and the feeling do not accept that in the fullness. You think you accept it in the intellect, but you are not accepting the fullness of it in the feeling that gives the instantaneous release.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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