understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to call to your notice another thing, because I mentioned in the Shrine Class that there was an attempt to hold that sleepy influence over the Class. It certainly requires wisdom when you are handling the human part of humanity; but that just shows the power of suggestion, and how they suggest those things to themselves.

Now, there really was not any definite projection here at the people to make them sleepy; but the thing they were trying to do was try to drive in irritation. But I did not let it touch the audience.

Therefore, most of it was acting on them; but you see again that you have to balance the outer activity with the Powers you are calling forth from the “Presence”, because of the Application that you are calling forth. Many times It will not come through as long as the individual is temporarily too stubborn and vicious in the feeling, because it keeps repelling It; but the moment the individual gets calmed down, then It begins to take hold and act.

You have no idea what a powerful Repelling Force is in fierce Determination. That is how it is with everyone; and if the Students understood then when they make that Statement to all human creation, “You have no power”, good Heavens on earth, in a few days you could so charge your feeling world with the constant Outpouring of the “Presence” that there could not be a discordant thing touch your world. It is a tremendous opportunity.

Question:    You mean to keep charging your world with that Statement all the time?

Saint Germain:     Yes, and when you say to all human creation or the individual, “You have no power”, the very force with which you say that, is the impelling – well yes, we could say the “compelling” force that releases from the “Presence” that Almighty Power of Light which not only knows that that is true, but goes forth and charges your feeling world with that dynamic Repelling Force that would, in a short time, make it impossible for anything to intrude into your world.

You could keep charging your feeling world twice, or three times a day with the Perfection of the “Presence”, and the Power of Light; and in a short time, it has to take on that Power that is absolutely pouring out like a river when you make yourself Invincible – but you cannot do it if you keep accepting human irritation and disturbance and critical feeling in your feeling world. You keep annulling it all the time.

It does not make any difference what somebody else does. Don’t let it affect you. If they make a mistake, that is their business; they have to pay for it. Don’t let anything get you irritated or disturbed. That is the greatest thing in the world. You see the Messenger has to do it. He should be the greatest Example on Earth to you. What he does, any of you can do.

You see, the greatest thing in the world where you are drawn together for a definite, powerful purpose is to know that loving cooperation and the outpouring of blessing from one to another.

It is imperative, and is the greatest thing that can possibly be done to cooperate with the Great Law.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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