understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to tell you Dear Ones – and say this wherever you can put this forth, either to the Students or the parents – I tell you, this hitchhiking is the most dangerous thing young people ever encountered because it throws them into an element that is absolutely disastrous – because, if you knew the vileness that goes on among some of those hitchhikers, oh it is indescribable.

So many of our young men and some young women that were college graduates, because they did not have anything else to do, conceived that idea and began to run around over the country; and it was not six months until their whole lives were wrecked. I could point out to you a thousand of them today. They have just wrecked their lives through the vileness of the contact that comes through those who are timeworn hitchhikers – they come into such depravity there is no way to describe it.

You cannot quite comprehend how there are hundreds of instances where, if you as the focus forget to make the Call, then We just have to wait. That is so often the case when there are conditions to be handled. That means all the Students. If when something in their midst arises and they would instantly just leap into it, as it were, and make the Call, well, such release could come that would ofttimes stop the whole effect of a thing that might later occur from it.

Question:    May I ask if that Current that passed through my body today was something very powerful for my freedom?

Saint Germain:    Yes. Accept it as the great perfecting activity, because many times when you are just in the particular quiet attunement, then the Higher Mental Body will release that Power to do things that might otherwise require months.

I tell you, you do not realize what a Call at a certain time when you are in the proper attunement, will do for you. There isn’t anything impossible in your Call to the “Presence”. You have seen and known the experience of the Messengers, and that at an unexpected moment these Marvels are done. It is a natural Law of Life; and if one would not limit the “Presence” as to what It could do for them, it would be wonderful.

But you see, mankind have been building this up; they have limited the “Presence”. They do not know the “Presence”; but many of the Students do go right on with the same old feelings and desires, and of course it annuls the Call to the “Presence”, at least to a very large degree.

Such great strides, such progress has been made with each one that you should feel the greatest encouragement in the world. I prompt you, every one of you, watch out! Stand guard when something, either from the mental or feeling world, tries to intrude and make you believe you are not progressing. Just hit it and annihilate it on the spot. If you allow that to get revolving, it is a dangerous thing.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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