understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I do say to you, be so kind and considerate of each other. I tell you, if you criticize in your feelings and pour forth those feelings to each other for any reason at all – oh it is so silly. I say to you, it is just so silly for anyone to feel critical to the other; and don’t do anything that has any chance of disturbing the other.

Question:    I know that after each Prompting You give us, if we could feel it with redoubled determination, one of these days we are going to get where we don’t make any mistakes.

Saint Germain:    Everyone has the perfect ability to give the obedience that is necessary.

Question:    I firmly believe that. While maybe it has never been done on Earth before, but if people really want to, they can be perfect.

Saint Germain:    Of course they can.

Question:    I mean perfect instruments, in every sense of the word, even though they are not Ascended.

Saint Germain:    There is no question about it in the world.

Question:    What good are any of us if we have to have a spiritual policeman?

Saint Germain:    Exactly. I often see weeks ahead the thing that is going to drive at the Students, but I cannot give any more Promptings than I am.

Question:    If everyone had obeyed the Promptings You have given, there would not be any trouble.

Saint Germain:    No, but We can only keep on trying. But I must take the Messenger and go on with the Work when we get to Seattle. I may have to take him days and nights for a time, because he can do such tremendous things with Me in Europe right now; and We cannot begin this Work while he is in Class.

Question:    If we were so prepared, could we go with You at night in Europe?

Saint Germain:    Yes. You have been doing it in the Higher Mental Body. You Blessed Ones, if you could see the Work he and Lotus do during the time these bodies sleep, you would be the most astonished beings. Two days before the opening of the Chicago Class the greatest Release of the Cosmic Light so far will be released; and I trust at that time to gather and be able to do for America all and far more than We have contemplated. As I see it now, We must build up that centralized Focus for the Release of the Light at Chicago and hold it sustained there.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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