understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I greet you Beloved Ones, in the Name, Love, Wisdom, and Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. I am just come from Europe, and could you see the far-reaching power of indirect deceit and treachery that lurks on every hand! I say to you Beloved Ones, if any of you let yourself be used by anything that is deceitful or treacherous, you can just expect the full descent of that destruction upon yourself.

I warn you now as never before. When people do as they are doing in Europe, they have no more consideration for honor or purity or promises. If it were not for the love of the people for the Messengers, I tell you, there simply would be no hope. It is really the hope of America today.  My Dear Ones, if anyone is not willing to give the simple obedience, that lets a force in that drives into the Student Body. Well, then they are responsible for what happens.

Question:    If it drives into the Student Body, that affects America.

Saint Germain:    Now, please try to comprehend. If the Heart of your body were affected, would it not affect the whole body? Those people who think they have Heart trouble, usually their whole body is affected by it. The Heart is the center of your body, and when it stops beating, it is the end of the body.

If you cannot hold honor, purity, loyalty, and absolute honesty within yourselves, well then, don’t you see it is exactly the same as the Human Heart – it affects the whole body of the Students.

It is so curious that the Students do not grasp that the feeling world of all the body of Students is really one; and the discordant, treacherous feeling of one goes out and affects the whole body to some degree.

Question:    That does not mean that just because one may fail, that would stop the progress of the rest in the Light, does it?

Saint Germain:    Oh no. That has nothing to do with the individuals, but it has so much to do with the accomplishment of the Students for America and her protection.

You see, there are so many vicious individuals that are pouring forth and making each one a target for their viciousness, and trying to force and impel suggestions upon each one to make them do the impure and wrong thing; and if you don’t stand guard over it, it will make you do it.

You do not realize the power of suggestion through the feeling. The moment anybody gets irritated or peeved they should keep still and not allow themselves to talk until they control themselves.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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