understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now let us go one more step. In all governmental offices, in all governmental requirements your amplifiers would be there in the room – where the vibratory action and tone color which would produce the harmonious results, could be released into that room from a given center at any time. Then don’t you see how it would be impossible for injustice, imperfection, and selfishness to find action. Don’t you see how then will come, not only with the effort of the individual, but through so-called mechanical means – of course step by step, far beyond our present state, that will produce the exact result for any given purpose.

For instance, suppose one was to stand forth and give a discourse upon a given subject. Well, corresponding with this, the vibratory action and tone color would make the comprehension complete within individuals who were listening. You see how far-reaching it is?

Through this Inner Activity of Our Radiation, which is producing a similar effect in a lesser degree because of interference of human qualities – yet this would obviate the interference of any human quality because it could not act then.

Question:    Are the jewels and musical instruments You speak of, the true Inner Action of the Temples of Healing, the Temples of Light and Music?

Saint Germain:    This is going considerably beyond what has been utilized heretofore. Well, this will be quite similar to what is in use on Venus at this time. Now then, you will understand why Venus sent forth her assistance to the Earth.

You will remember that an intimation was made that seventy people should be prepared to go to the Teton. If seventy people were prepared to give absolute obedience and hold absolute harmony within their feeling world, they could govern every condition within the government of the United States – or any other government of the world, for that matter – by the projection of these Currents of Energy into a given environment. You see, that is how powerfully the Light would come into action.

Question:    You would have ten of each color?

Saint Germain:     That would probably be varied by the requirements. But you see in the seventy-thousand-year civilization why there were two governing each other manifestation – because this similar vibratory action was created without the instruments.

Now for instance, in the Globes of Unfed Light which I drew forth for the lightning of the building which was the capitol, you see, that Light contained the same Action of which we are speaking now. It held the Radiance so powerfully within the room that no inharmony would manifest within that Radiance.

Therefore, that was not nearly to the point where we are just speaking of now; but still, it did a tremendous work at that time in holding the harmony for the requirement.

I thank you, each one, for that great harmony, happiness, and attention; and may this ever remain a Sacred Moment in your lives henceforth. May this discussion release into outer manifestation the Glory of all which we have discussed, and give you the incentive to hold such harmony within the feelings that these great wondrous things may come forth.

I thank you, and Our Blessings from all of the Great Ones enfold you always. Lotus and Betty, you will find a great calm harmony taking possession of your atomic structures that will make it worlds easier for all that your Hearts wish to do. Please accept that in Its Fullness, that Its Action may quickly take place so that you have time for some recreation. I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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